Product Code: 11.079

Decorative Panel Capriccio Socks

Capriccio Collection

Decorative panel with inlays in authentic wood and bas-relief details.

Wood species: light and dark grey lati; wengè-colored lati; green, blue, light blue, light and dark orange, lilac and yellow tulipiè; black, light blue, green, red and blue ash; yellow and purple tay; oak; birch.

Dimensions: 120×60 cm.

Contains: wall fixing kit.

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Details in low relief, inlays in precious wood species, colored and natural: Socks brings ino the house irony and vitality
The legs are still on the step, ready to start moving, and are made with the bas-relief technique, creating suggestive chiaroscuro effects on the surface of the wood. The bright colors of the socks express spontaneity and irreverence through their stripes made with inlay in many different coloured woods
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