Seeking spontaneity, fun and freshness in a world that imposes order is an act of courage. Expressing means to exist.

SOCKS is the desire for irony and vivacity in a world that imposes rules.

The legs still standing on a step but eager to get in motion are highlighted by a masterful combination of colored wood inlays to express movement and spontaneity emerging from the flat surface.


Maximum expression of diversity. What’s the sense of life if not the one we want to give her? Perhaps two bodies taken by hand in an endless space? or perhaps two signs of infinity interwoven into a messy and random network?

To dare, to revolutionize, to be free to interpret are the terms that define INFINITY and its sense of being. The three-dimensional lines of a white element create their curves in a harmonious movement that accompanies capricious and spontaneous forms. A picture that expresses the union of a mineral material with inlaid wood in modern and artistic evolution.


Simplicity is also a brave act in a world that suggests complexity. Only a few lines and essential forms are sufficient to make sense of life.

The moon, emblematic of romance, contemplation, mother of cycles and rhythms of life, expresses the greatness of nature in an inlay of brightness in the darkness of the night. The bamboo canes enhance the beauty of simplicity, in a spontaneous high relief inlay in natural color.


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