Time is a fundamental feature in our lives, on occasions it seems run out too quickly. Why not make something more out of the mechanism marking the hours?

LIGNIS wall clocks allow you to better appreciate time. They are not just functional time-pieces, but are all-purpose designer home accessories. From a variety of patterns you can identify the one best suited to your inner self. Lending warmth to your surroundings, they influence your emotions every time you look at them.


Personalized hand-crafted manufacts, to satisfy every need

Our experience and passion for wood have led us to create LIGNIS home accessories and design products. That very same experience allows us to make all your dreams come true and satisfy your requirements.

We create home accessories of any shape or size. We design textures to please your taste, using the most precious wood species and colours that best match your living environment. We were born craftsmen and will remain such, regardless of the machines.

Our company is capable of supplying products in sizeable quantities, such as the furnishing panels of a hotel, as well as single, one-of-a-kind pieces upon the client’s request.

Please contact us for any query and we will send you our best offer according to your needs.

A special thought

A unique style

That extra touch


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